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Contemporary Organized Violence

Organised violence in the 21st Century may take the form of classical inter-state conflict or civil war, or may represent hybrid forms. It is vital to understand the nature of contemporary organized violence as well as the conditions of post-conflict stability. The Department excels in expertise on the role of international organisations, NGOs, private military companies and warlords in such situations.

Key publications

External funding

This research theme is recognised in the awarding of an NWO/NWA grant to Verkoren in 2019 and NORFACE to Van Leeuwen (2018) as well as the acquisition of 2 Marie Curie grants by Swedlund, and Malejacq, respectively.

Societal stakeholders

Governments in the Great Lakes region; Dutch Defence Academy; Veterans’ Institute; Police Academy; PAX; Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (AIV); SIPRI, Stockholm; Médecins sans Frontières; Amnesty International