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EUROPAL's members

The multidisciplinary research group Europeanization of Policy and Law (EUROPAL) consists of researchers from the Institute for Management Research (IMR) and the Faculty of Law.

Members Institute for Management Research (IMR)

Name Expertise
Dr Duncan Liefferink Environmental policy, policy making, Europeanisation, implementation, comparative politics
Dr Gerry van der Kamp-Alons Influence of ideational variables (norms, policy paradigms) on state preferences; agricultural policy; transatlantic trade relations, Foreign Policy Analysis
Dr Maria Kaufmann Environmental governance, institutional dynamics, comparative research, environmental justice
Dr Mark Wiering Environmental governance, institutional dynamics, water management, comparative environmental policies and politics
Dr Martin van der Velde Borders, Europe, Migration, Identity, Mobility
Dr Maurits Meijers Party competition on EU issues; Euroscepticism; Party Competition within the European Parliament; Responsiveness of the EU to citizens’ demands
Dr Sander Meijerink Water governance, spatial planning, policy analysis, institutional analysis, leadership
Dr Sandrino Smeets Council of Ministers, EU negotiations,enlargement, EMU institutional leadership
Dr Sietske Veenman Environmental policy, Comparative politics, long term uncertainty, policy learning, governance
Prof. Anna van der Vleuten Europeanization beyond Europe, diffusion of EU gender equality norms, ECJ, migration, Normative Power Europe, LGBTI rights
Prof. Ellen Mastenbroek Compliance, transposition, implementation, evaluation, legislative drafting
Dr Erika van Elsas Political trust, public opinion, voting behaviour and European integration
Prof. Adriaan Schout European policies, Euro, Dutch EU policy making, EU governance, European public administration
Dr Gijs Jan Brandsma European Union, transparency, democracy, responsibility, politics and governance
Dr Reini Schrama European administrative networks, European implementation, policy networks, Social Network Analysis, welfare and health policies
Dr Reinout van der Veer E(M)U politics, contestation of international organizations, political responsiveness, technocracy
Dr Stijn van Voorst Ex-post wetgevingsevaluatie in de EU
Sybren Hardiek EU politics, EU governance, EU theory, differentiated integration, institutions & norms

Members Faculty of Law

Name Expertise
Dr Anita Böcker Sociology of law, regulation of migration, anti-discrimination law, transnational care arrangements
Dr Harm van den Broek European tax law,Merger directive, Cross-border mergers and reorganizations, Taxation, directives, free , market, M&A
Mary Dickson, LLM Legality and legitimacy of extra-territoiral asylum procedures; EU asylum policy, responsability and protection standards; philosophical understanding of asylum
Dr Lize Glas Council of Europe, European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, procedures, reform, execution of judgments, dialogue, interaction
Dr Tetty Havinga Implementation EU law, Food governance, Private regulation, Mobilization of EU law, enforcement
Stephanie Hötte, LLM ‘Make-or-buy’ decisions, European and Dutch public procurement law, and the decision-making processes in centralized and decentralized Dutch government bodies
Dr Jasper Krommendijk European fundamental rights, Judicial europeanisation, implementation of judgments of the CJEU, judicial dialogue CJEU/ ECtHR
Dr Sandra Mantu EU citizenship, free movement of persons, migration law,  social rights, state nationality
Prof. Henri de Waele EU Institutional Law; Implementation and Enforcement of EU Law; EU Decision-Making; EU External Relations; EU Citizenship
Belle Beems, LLM EU competition law, EU internal market law, Economic law, Digital markets, Law and technology
Michelle Knobbout, LLM European competition law, European internal market law
Guus de Vries, LLM EU institutional law, division of powers between the EU and MS, Judicial dialogue between CJEU and ECtHR
Prof. dr. mr. Tineke Strik

European asylum and migration law, citizenship

External members

Prof. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius Privacy, discrimination, the protection of personal data, fundamental rights, ICT law