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Successful PhD defense Elena Bondarouk

Date of news: 7 October 2019

On August 27, Elena Bondarouk successfully defended her PhD dissertation: ‘The practice of making EU policies work: Implementation performance, local governments, and air quality’.107A5973

The dissertation conceptualizes, describes and explains variance in the practical implementation performance of Dutch municipalities in the realm of the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive. The main conclusion of this thesis is that local governments differ in their implementation of EU policies. This variety is observed within one member state and even among compliant cases. This makes the analysis of procedural obligations, which allow for highly different, while fully compliant policy responses, pertinent to our understanding on how local governments make EU policies work. This thesis reveals a leader and laggard dynamic at the local level. Some local governments even showed clear signs of overcompliance. Hence, it would be a mistake to see local governments as only the implementers of supra-national policy decisions. This thesis shows that local governments are political arenas where EU policies are subjected to another round of political and institutional filter.