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Three publications in JEPP on EU responsiveness by Maurits Meijers

Date of news: 5 October 2019

Responsiveness, or the extent to which a government’s policies mirror the preferences of their citizens, was originally researched at the national level. Increasingly, however, responsiveness in the European Union is investigated. Maurits Meijers, together with past EUROPAL member Asya Zhelyazkova (amongst others) produced three articles on this upcoming theme. The first of this trilogy is the introduction to a debate section on the theme. This debate section was the result of a Lorentz Center Workshop, cofinanced by EUROPAL. The second article forms part of this debate section. It introduces an actor-oriented perspective of EU responsiveness. Its central argument is that responsiveness research should focus on the input stage of EU policy-making. The third article highlights shifts in position on European integration by center-right mainstream parties, in response to threats by niche parties. It finds that such shifts reduce mainstream parties’ electoral success. Taken together, the three studies make an important conceptual, theoretical and empirical contribution to the future study of EU responsiveness.