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Key publications

Members of Gender and Power in Politics and Management publish widely in high quality outlets. Here below you can find a list of some of our recent key publications. A more extensive list of publications can be found here.

  • Carlsson, H.P.M. & Pijpers, R.A.H. (in press). Diversity-mainstreaming in times of ageing and migration: implementation paradoxes in municipal aged care provision. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
  • Carton, L.J. and P.M. Ache (2017). Citizen-sensor-networks to confront government decision-makers: Two lessons from the Netherlands. Journal of Environmental Management, 196, 234-251.
  • Cranston, S., Schapendonk, J., Spaan, E. (2018). New Directions in the Migration Industries: Introduction to Special Issue, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 44, 543-557.
  • Dennissen, M.H.J., Benschop, Y.W.M. & Brink, M.C.L. van den (2020). Rethinking diversity management: An intersectional analysis of diversity networks. Organization Studies, 41 (2), 219-240.
  • Engen, M.L. van, Bleijenbergh, I.L. & Beijer, S. (in press). Conforming, accommodating, or resisting? How parents in academia negotiate their professional identity. Studies in Higher Education.
  • Joachim, J. and A. Schneiker, (Dis-)Empowerment? Hegemonic Military Masculinities, YouTube, and PMSCs. In: Moehlecke de Baseggio, Eva and Schneider, Olivia (eds.) Social Media and Armed Forces. Springer.
  • Lansu, M.E.M., Bleijenbergh, I.L. & Benschop, Y.W.M. (2020). Just talking? Middle managers negotiating problem ownership in gender equality interventions. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 36(2):101110.
  • Martens, K. (2016). Transport justice: Designing fair transportation systems. Routledge.
  • Meijerink, S., D. Huitema (2017) The institutional design, politics, and effects of a bioregional approach; observations and lessons from 11 case studies of river basin organizations. Ecology & Society. 22(2).
  • Naezer, M.M., Oerlemans, A., Hablous, G., Claahsen-van der Grinten, H.L., Vleuten, J.M. van der & Verhaak, C.M. (2021). 'We just want the best for this child': Contestations of intersex/DSD and transgender healthcare interventions. Journal of Gender Studies.
  • Pijpers, R. and Maas, M. (2014), Identity construction and ‘coincidental’ entrepreneurship among gay Filipino guesthouse-owners in Amsterdam. Gender, Place and Culture, 21 (7-8), 996-1011.
  • Ploegmakers, H., Beckers, P. & Van der Krabben, E. (2018) The impact of planning policy intervention on business development: evidence from the Netherlands. Urban Studies 55: 14, 3252-3273.
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  • Van Naerssen, T., Smith, L., Davids, T. & M.H. Marchand (Eds.). (2016). Women, Gender, Remittances and Development in the Global South. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Veenman, S., & Leroy, P. (2016). Environmental outlooks: How they frame futures and long term uncertainty. Futures , 82 , 63-75.* Urban/place development and mobility
  • Verloo, M.M.T. & Vleuten, J.M. van der (2020). Trans* Politics: Current Challenges and Contestations regarding bodies, recognition, and trans*organizing. Politics and Governance, 8 (3), 223-230.
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