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The Hot Spot Global-Local Divides and Connections consists of IMR-researchers and PhD candidates from various disciplines including political science, economics and business administration.

Name Expertise
Ludo Alcorta, PhD Determinants of ethnic conflict escalation
Dr Juliette Alenda-Demoutiez Political and socio-economic sustainability, development, macroeconomic indicators, welfare, social economy, governance and institutions
Kolar Aparna, PhD Cosmopolitanism, Migration
Dr Pascal Beckers Migrant labour market integration, migrant entrepreneurship
Dr Joost Beuving Cultural Anthropology
Dr Frank Bohn Political economy, political polarisation, rent-seeking
Prof. Marieke van den Brink Gender and Diversity
Rodrigo Bueno Lacy European identity, post‐colonialism, mapping
Dr Anouka van Eerdewijk Gender equality, social justice
Prof. Huib Ernste Cross‐border spatial design
Ainul Fajri, PhD International Refugee Law, International Relations, and Human Rights
Liesbeth Gulpers, PhD Infrastructural conditions
Simone Haarbosch, PhD European mobile migrants, othering, language
Dr André van Hoorn Culture, Institutions, Norms and Values, Behavioral Economics
Prof. Henk van Houtum Global justice, borders, cross‐border development
Peraphan Jittrapirom Dynamic adaptive policymaking
Dr Edwin de Jong Nature and natural resource politics, property and access, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, social security, livelihoods, wellbeing
Prof. Eelke de Jong Development, growth, culture, institutions
Dr Maria Kaufmann Environmental governance, water resource management, flood risk governance
Dr Martijn Koster Urban governance, brokerage, citizenship
Dr Olivier Kramsch Transboundary regionalism, governance
Dr Mathijs van Leeuwen Land conflict, civil society and peacebuilding
Dr Romain Malejacq Critical statebuilding analysis, warlords, Afghanistan
Dr Rianne van Melik Urban (re)development, spatial planning, public space
Mohamed Munas, PhD Diaspora, Sri Lanka
Camille Munezero, PhD Law, human rights, land management, conflict settlement
Hanna Murray-Carlsson, PhD Neighbourhood-focused care and welfare provision
Simone Pekelsma, PhD Gated communities
Dr Roos Pijpers Labour Migration
Iris Poelen, PhD Home making processes of refugees
Amélie Poméon, PhD Externalization of EU migration control towards third countries
Basilica Putranti Social geography
Robbert Rademakers, PhD Economics of Identity Fluidity
Dr Joris Schapendonk Migration
Annemiek Schilpzand, PhD Culture and Institutions
Rutger Schilpzand, PhD International Economics
Dr Sandor Schrijner Grandmothers and childern's schooling in Africa
Lidya Sitohang, PhD Cross-border interaction
Dr Lothar Smith Migration, transnationalism, climate change, development
Dr Jeroen Smits Inequality, development, education, child labor, public health
Markus Strucks Financial Economics
Dr Haley Swedlund Aid, conflict and development
Maya Turolla, PhD Policies and practices on youth agripreneurship in Uganda
Dr Albert de Vaal Trade, factor mobility, fair trade
Dr Martin van der Velde Cross‐border mobility and migration
Hemalata Venkataraman, PhD Microenterprises, female empowerment
Prof. Bertjan Verbeek Foreign policy, crisis management
Dr Willemijn Verkoren Globalisation and conflict, civil society, peace intervention
Dr Jana Vyrastekova Economic experiments in developing countries, gender
Jackie van de Walle Geography
Dr Stijn van Weezel Political economy, development economics
Dr Angela Wigger Political economy, international relations