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About the Hot Spot

Societal problems such as the self-reliance of multi-problem families, the elderly and other vulnerable groups in society call for different or new solutions. The challenge is to design social services in such a way that these problems are properly addressed. The researchers at GAINS focus on co-creation with new actors such as volunteers, in the following sectors:

  • healthcare and prevention;
  • long-term care;
  • youth care;
  • education, including special education;
  • social housing;
  • social work;
  • labour market reintegration and employablity.

Combining established practices with new ones generates inspiration, examples, and new knowledge. GAINS will make the latest scientific insights more broadly available for entrepreneurs in social services.

GAINS is made up of researchers with backgrounds in public administration, accounting, business administration, marketing and strategic human resource management. Together with professor Charles F. Sabel (Columbia University, New York) we will investigate the governance conditions and consequences of the transitions in the social domain towards municipalities: in long term care, in child and youth care, and in labour participation of citizens with a disability. Watch the short movie for professor Sabel on wicked problems and service delivery units.

What does GAINS offer?

The complexity of today’s social problems and the multiple needs of vulnerable groups, call for social innovations in our post-industrial welfare state. The challenge is to design customized yet bundled social services in such a way that these problems can be properly addressed. In collaboration with the relevant societal partners, GAINS studies innovations in (the governance of) capacitating social services in the following domains:

  • problem and intervention analyses;
  • policy and organisational assessments;
  • process analyses, implementation research, monitoring and evaluation studies;
  • scientific reflection, dialogue and advice;
  • lectures, inspirational seminars, policy and organisation method training programmes.