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The Contribution of the Third Sector to Europe’s Socio-economic Development (Third Sector Impact)

The third sector, consisting of civil society associations and foundations, volunteers, and other citizen organisations and activities, offers unique renewable and sustainable resources for social and economic problem-solving, democracy, and civic engagement in Europe. This research project aims to understand the scope and scale of the third sector in Europe, its current and potential impact, and the barriers hindering the third sector to fully contribute to the continent's welfare. Read more

Project members

Prof. Taco Brandsen – coordinator
Dr Ulla Pape


Aix-Marseille University 
Associazione Promozione e Solidarietà
EMES International Research Network
Institute for Social Research
Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Centre
The University of BirminghamTSI
The University of Valencia
University of Kent
University of Zagreb
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Warsaw University
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster


European Commission – 7th Framework Programme (FP7): Social Science and Humanities


2014 - 2017