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The Transition of Social Services: Prospects and Constraints for Experimentalist Governance

The current transition of social services to municipalities in the Netherlands appears to be an excellent and timely opportunity to investigate the (local) variety of institutional conditions for experimental governance and their consequences. Experimentalist governance refers to the rise of a new form of post-bureaucratic service provision and regulation, encouraging local experimentation while allowing for rapid correction of failure and the generalization of success. In this research project, IMR researchers work together with Professor Charles F. Sabel (Maurice T. Moore professor of Law and Social Science at Columbia University, New York) during his stay in 2015 and 2016 at the Radboud University as visiting Professor in the Radboud Excellence Initiative programme.

Project members

Prof. Charles Sabel
Dr Jan-Kees Helderman
Dr Marleen Bekker
Dr Max Visser


Radboud University - Radboud Excellence Initiative


2015 - 2016