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We have decided to award small grants of at most 1000 euro each to support ID members in their research. This IDgrant can be spend for running experiments, data collections, field work, creation of databases, funding a guest speaker, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot fund working hours…

We aim to support ID members research that otherwise would not take place, stimulate new funding proposals and help to cross-fertilize our member's research ideas.


  • Applicants must be members of the hotspot 'Integrated Decision Making'
  • The declaration of the costs has to be completed at the latest 1th November 2019.
  • The output generated with the help of the fund should be reported (200 words max) and will be published on the ID webpage.

You can submit proposals from April until September 2019. The ID Management Team makes a decision within four weeks.

Fill in this document (docx, 187 kB) and send it to sascha.fullbrunn@ru.nl with subject "IDgrant19".

For further questions contact the ID Management Team.