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The Hot Spot Integrated Decision Making (ID) consists of IMR-researchers from various disciplines, such as economics, business administration and geography.

Name Chair Expertise
Dr Rick Aalbers Strategy Reorganisation and Innovation
Dr Femke Bekius Methods Complex decision-making and the use of formal methods
Dr. Nina Beli Marketing, Experimental and Empirical Research Consumption behaviour, Decision Making
Ivo Beenakker (PhD student) Strategy ID PhD Student
Dr Linda Carton Planologie Gamification
Achiel Fenneman (PhD student) Economics/Finance Experimental Research & Neuroscience
Dr Sascha Füllbrunn Economics/Finance (ID management) Experimental Research, Decision Making in Finance Economics, Econometrics, Individual and Market research
Dr Vincent de Gooyert Methods Group Model Building, methods on stakeholder engagement, system dynamics, and socio-technical transitions
Prof. Rob van der Heijden Methods 'ageing at work', employability, age-related stereotyping, expertise development and sustainable careers, One focus is in the improvement in work environments
Dr Csilla Horváth Marketing Consumer Behaviour
Dirk-Jan Janssen Finance Experimental Research, Financial Decision Making
Dr Hubert Korzilius Methods Group Model Building, System Dynamics
Prof. Erwin van der Krabben Planologie (ID founder) Innovative governance and finance solutions for urban development and transit-oriented development
Prof. Hans van Kranenburg Strategie (ID founder) Corporate Strategies, Stakeholder Management
Dr Sander Lenferink Planologie Institutional design, serious gaming and structured group processes
Prof. Vincent Marchau Methods (ID founder) Uncertainty/complexity, systems thinking, scenario planning, adaptive planning,
Dr Huub Ploegmakers Planologie Structure and operation of property markets, urban regeneration and the relationship between planning policies and property market performance
Dr Jianying Qiu Economics/Finance Experimental Research, theoretical models of individual decision making
Prof. Etiënne Rouwette Methods (ID founder) Group model building, System Dynamics, Complexity
Dr Ary Samsura Planologie Game-theoretical modelling and experiment and also Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Markus Strucks (PhD student) Finance Experimental Research, Financial Decision Making
Dr Jana Vyrastekova Economics Experimental Research, improvement of decision and learning environments
Prof. Utz Weitzel Finance (ID founder) Experimental Research, Financial Decision Making, Networks, Corporate Finance
Dr Mark Wiering Milieukunde Political transformation of sustainability
Prof. Stefan Zeisberger Finance Experimental Research, Financial Decision Making
Dr. Sibel Eker Methods Sustainability and Climate Change
Dr Kathya Cordova-Pozo Methods Research Methods,  Community Interventions and Evaluation in health care and societal decision- and policymaking