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Future demand of red blood cells

As Western blood transfusion practices are changing, there is interest and need in anticipating the future demand of blood products and how a blood bank can actively prepare for various long-term developments. We used scenario principles to identify key drivers for the future demand of red blood cells and the organisational implications thereof for Sanquin, the Dutch national blood bank. Scenarios were built in four phases. First, discussions were held to specify the focal questions. Next, interviews and a literature review identified external drivers that may affect red blood cell demand. Using facilitated scenario sessions and a survey, we identified a ranked list of drivers (“themes”) and their related opportunities and threats. In the last phase, we identified mitigating measures per theme through focus groups.

Project members

Prof. Vincent Marchau
Prof. Etiënne Rouwette


Praiseldy Langi Sasongko
Katja van den Hurk (Sanquin)
Marian van Kraaij
Mart Janssen (Sanquin)


2021 (2 months)