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Smart Cities’ Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems (SCRIPTS)

The research project SCRIPTS develops (1) a novel model system to predict the demand for hybrid public transport systems, involving demand responsive transport services that are flexible in route and schedule and (self-)organized through ICT platforms, (2) advanced models for the optimal design of such systems and the simulation of their performance, (3) an evaluation framework addressing institutional and organizational aspects of implementing such innovations, (4) a series of pilot and showcase that are co-developed with non-academic members of the consortium, and (5) networking with key international academic and professional networks to discuss strategies and solutions. The Nijmegen team is involved in Part 3 and – together with the Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen - Part 4 of the project.

Project members

Prof. Henk Meurs
Prof. Vincent Marchau


Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions
Athlon Car Lease
Gemeente Amsterdam
Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen
Provincie Noord-Brabant
Provincie Gelderland
Stadsregio Amsterdam
TU Delft
TU Eindhoven


NWO - Smart Urban Regions of the Future (SURF)