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Key publications

Members of our Hot Spot publish widely in high quality outlets. Here below you can find a list of some of our recent key publications. A more extensive list of publications can be found here.

  • Aalbers, Rick (forthcoming) Rewiring the intrafirm network under downsizing: the role of tie loss on discretionary tie formation. Long Range Planning
  • Keiningham, Timothy, Zeya He, Bas Hillebrand, Jichul Jang, Courtney Suess, and Luorong (Laurie) Wu (forthcoming) Creating innovation that drives authenticity, Journal of Service Management.
  • Visser, Laura M., Yvonne W.M. Benschop, Inge L. Bleijenbergh, and Allard C.R. van Riel (2019) Unequal Consumers: Consumerist healthcare technologies and their creation of new inequalities. Organization Studies, 40(7), 1025–1044.
  • van Uden, Annelies, Patrick AM Vermeulen, and Joris Knoben (2019) Paralyzed by the dashboard light: Environmental characteristics and firm’s scanning capabilities in East Africa, Strategic Organization, 17(2), 241-265.
  • Fu, Yau, Robert A.W. Kok, Ben Dankbaar, Paul E.M. Ligthart, and Allard C.R. van Riel (2018) Factors affecting sustainable process technology adoption: a systematic literature review. Journal of Cleaner Production 205: 226-251.
  • Deken, Fleur, Hand Berends, Gerda Gemser, Kristina Lauche (2018) Strategizing and the initiation of interorganizational collaboration through prospective resourcing, Academy of Management Journal, 61(5), 1920-1950.
  • Gatzweiler, A. V. Blazevic, F.T. Piller (2017) Dark side or bright light: destructive and constructive deviant content in consumer ideation contests, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34(6), 772–789.
  • Barasa, L., J. Knoben, P.A.M. Vermeulen, P. Kimuyu, and B. Kinyanjui (2017) Institutions, resources and innovation in East Africa: A firm level approach, Research Policy, 46 (1), 280-291.
  • Aalbers, Rick, Wilfred Dolfsma, Roger Leenders (2016) Vertical and horizontal cross-ties: benefits of cross-hierarchy and cross-unit ties for innovative projects, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33(2),141–153.
  • Berends, Hans, Armand Smits, Isabelle Reymen, and Ksenia Podoynitsyna (2016) Learning while (re)configuring: business model innovation processes in established firms, Strategic Organization, 14(3), 181-219.
  • Collewaert, Veroniek, Frederik Anseel, Michiel Crommelinck, Alain De Beuckelaer, and Jacob Vermeire (2016) When passion fades: disentangling the temporal dynamics of entrepreneurial passion for founding, Journal of Management Studies, 53(6), 966–995.
  • Deken, Fleur, Paul R. Carlile, Hans Berends, and Kristina Lauche (2016) Generating novelty through interdependent routines: a process model of routine work, Organization Science, 27(3), 659-677.
  • Manser, Kristina, Bas Hillebrand, Rosalinde Klein Woolthuis, Gerrit Willem Ziggers, Paul H. Driessen, and Josee Bloemer (2016) An activities-based approach to network management: an explorative study, Industrial Marketing Management, 55, 187-199.
  • McCarthy, Killian J. and Rick Aalbers (2016) Technological acquisitions: the impact of geography on post-acquisition innovative performance, Research Policy, 45(9), 1818–1832.
  • Hillebrand, Bas, Paul H. Driessen, and Oliver Koll (2015) Stakeholder marketing: theoretical foundations and required capabilities, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 43(4), 411-428.