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Some of our recent projects are listed here:

Collaborative networks as a safety net in the performing arts 2018/19
Commercializing university-born innovations 2019/23
Diversity Improvement as a Viable Enrichment Resource for Society and Economy (DIVERSE) 2013/15
Effectiveness of networks in seed potato sector development in Sub-Saharan Africa 2017/17
Embracing ‘Industry 4.0’? Change agents and open digital technology implementation 2019/23
European Manufacturing Survey 2006/-
Food for Thought and Thought for Food, the Local-Global Entanglement of the Slow Food Movement 2011/16
Fostering Innovation Networks in a Digital Era (FINDER) 2019/23
Future Value Chains of Architectural Services (FuturA) 2013/17
Gentrification 2.0 2013/16
Innovation and Growth, Raising Productivity in Low Income Countries (EIP-LIC) 2013/18
Mobilizing grassroots capacities for sustainable energy transitions 2015/18
ORCERIS: Opportunity Recognition and exploitation in a Circular Economy for Regional Innovation Schemes 2018/19
Social innovation processes in and around multinational companies: the role of social activists and their transnational networks 2020/23
Stakeholder collaboration and framing in the development and implementation of Blockchain in the Netherlands 2017/18
Sustainable Innovations and their Impact on Society 2015/19
Sustainable supply chain management in healthcare 2019/23
Tools for Orchestrating Value Chains  for  Sustainability (TOV) 2012/16
Valuing Skills of Beneficiaries of International Protection 2016/17
Viable business model design for networked and project-focused creatives using a novel configurational approach 2020/21