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Sustainable Innovations and their Impact on Society

Sustainable innovations are new products, services or business models that aim to reduce the negative consequences of production and consumption on the global natural and social environment. To successfully introduce sustainable innovations, organizations often require the support and cooperation of other stakeholders, for example from policy makers, regulators and the media. If firms manage to persuade these actors to have a more positive attitude toward sustainable innovations, these firms can have an important impact on the technological system changes necessary for a more sustainable organization society. This project studies how firms have impact by acquiring stakeholder support for sustainable innovations. The study ultimately aims to deliver reliable instruments for measuring this type of impact and to come to practical recommendations for managers and entrepreneurs tasked with introducing sustainable innovations. Read more

Project members

Dr Bas Hillebrand – coordinator
Dr Paul Driessen
Niels Sprong


Nyenrode University
TIAS School for Business and Society


NWO – Sustainable Business Models


2015 - 2019