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Maria Kaufmann

Geography, Planning and Environment

Climate adaptation, energy transition, nature-based solutions, environmental justice, discourses

Juliette Alenda


Climate adaptation and mitigation, sustainable development (African countries), alternative economic systems

Gerry Alons

Political Science

Environmental policy integration/ sustainability transitions in agriculture and food governance, including trade-related aspects

Iulian Barba-Lata

Geography, Planning and Environment

Grassroots sustainability initiatives in both urban and rural settings, experimentation toward circular-regenerative systems and circular economies

Cebuan Bliss

Geography, Planning and Environment

Biodiversity governance,

Animal rights, multi-species justice, rights of nature

Geert Braam


Adoption and dissemination of sustainability (non-financial) reporting practices: the role of sustainability reporting in influencing corporate sustainable behavior and performance.

Martijn Gerritsen

Geography, Planning and Environment

Governance, energy transition, sustainability transition

Onno Giller

Geography, Planning and Environment

Climate adaptation, private-sector engagement, citizen science

Vincent de Gooyert

Business Administration

Sustainability transitions in the steel industry, chemical industry, built environment, regional energy strategies

Carlijn Hendriks

Geography, Planning and Environment

And Faculty of Science

Air quality, environment, environmental policy, SDGs, energy, climate

Bas Hillebrand

Business Administration

Sustainable consumer behavior; green product development

Cristina Inoue

Geography, Planning and Environment

Global environmental governance/politics in the Amazon, socioenvironmentalism, Official Development Assistance and South-South relations

Planetary justice - recognition

Peraphan Jittrapirom

Business Administration

Urban Transport planning, Smart mobility,  Transport transition

Susan de Koning

Geography, Planning and Environment

Sustainability transitions in agriculture and fisheries, landscape governance, nature conservation policy

Arnoud Lagendijk

Geography, Planning and Environment

Energy transition, sustainable mobility

Mathijs van Leeuwen

Political sciences

Land disputes and post-conflict land reform; local peacebuilding, and state formation; discourses of intervening organizations on conflict and peace.

Duncan Liefferink

Geography, Planning and Environment

EU environmental policy-making and implementation, comparative environmental politics, environmental leaders and pioneers

Daniel Reimsbach


Sustainability reporting (including climate change reporting), corporate drivers of real sustainable change

Simone Ritter

Business Administration

- Sustainable consumer behavior

- Green product development

Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers

Geography, Planning and Environment

Biodiversity governance, food, animal interests

Mark Wiering

Geography, Planning and Environment

Environmental governance

Transformations in water management, energy/ renewable energy and agriculture

Circular economy, steering on multiple values and trust, reporting, management and soft controls
Geography, Planning and Environment
Sustainable urban development and governance, climate adaptation and mitigation, urban land management, collective decision making
Geography, Planning and Environment
Food systems transformation, food justice, agricultural policy, land tenure /land governance/land reform in global north
Geography, Planning andEnvironment
Water governance, river basin management,  climate change mitigation and adaptation, flood risk management, spatial planning, upstream-downstream conflict and cooperation, power plays in river basin management
Geography, Planning and Environment
Environmental policy and governance, future explorations,Europeanisationand knowledge transfer
Political sciences
International political economy, international relations, global governance, climate change
Esther Wahabu
Geography, Planning and Environment
Governance of climate change mitigation in the Global South
Business Administration
Organizational Design & Development, focusing on sustainability-oriented change