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  • 2022-2026, IMR competition, Safeguarding trust. The transnational governance of climate change mitigation projects in Ghana
  • 2021-2024, Veen, Anne van. Postdoc project. NWA project Transitie naar een duurzaam voedselsysteem.
  • 2021-2026, Koning, Susan de. PhD project. NWA project Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel.
  • 2020-2024, CentUR, EXPLORE: EXPerimentaL gOvernance for the Regional Energy transition, funded by NWO.
  • 2020-2023, Bliss, Cebuan. PhD project. Integrative Animal and Biodiversity Governance.

Afbeelding1Safeguarding Trust in Climate Change Mitigation Projects in Ghana 
PhD- Candidate: Esther Wahabu, start March 2022 
The project aims at investigating whether safeguards of transnational climate change mitigation projects help to establish trust and facilitate the recognition of different values, ensure equal co-determination rights, and eventually contribute to a fair distribution of benefits and burdens. It is based on a comparative approach of mitigation projects in Ghana, through multi-sided fieldwork. The goal is to deliver novel empirical and conceptual insights on the impact of different multi-level governance architectures on  justice outcomes.

Afbeelding1EXPLORE project

PhD- candidate, Martijn Gerritsen

 examines how the Dutch 
regional energy transition is organized.
Through participative observing and scenario modelling, we explore how and why actors in government, civil society and the private sector make decisions about energy. What roles do these actors play in relation to each other, and how does this impact the effectiveness and speed, justice and legitimacy of the energy transition in the Netherlands?  For more information, see: English/Dutch

kikkerThe role of partnerships in transformative landscape governance for biodiversity
PhD-candidate: Susan de Koning, start January 2021
To save biodiversity, it is assumed that we need transformative change. Landscape-oriented partnerships may contribute to transformative change as they are inherently multi-sectoral, can bridge different scales and policy levels and are geared specifically towards the social and natural-spatial conditions of place. In this project, I study to what extent and how landscape-oriented partnerships in 
                                                                          the Dutch Dune and Flower Bulb Region contribute                                                                                 to transformative change for biodiversity.

koeThe relationship and effectiveness of animal and biodiversity governance systems
PhD-candidate: Cebuan Bliss
Cebuan's research maps the relationships between the animal governance system, which focuses on individual health, welfare and rights, and the biodiversity governance system, which focuses on species conservation. The relationships and performance of the governance systems is explained using an Integrative Governance framework in terms of actors, institutions, discourses and wider societal structures. In particular, she [I] focuses on issues in conservation where there are particular trade-offs between protecting individual animals and protecting species: 'invasive alien' species; non-subsistence hunting; and, rewilding. The research assesses all governance levels
from the global to the local, with country cases including
the Netherlands, UK, Kenya and South Africa.