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Selected projects

On this page, you can find some background information on selected projects of IMR researchers. In each case, particpating researchers are interviewed about the ideas and plans behind the project. Other ongoing IMR projects can be found in this  current projects overview, while some recently finished projects can be found in the overview of past projects.

Diversity in aged care

Better access to aged care for people with diverse backgrounds

"We are looking for a better match between what the elderly person needs and what the healthcare worker can offer."

Adaptive approaches to cope with decision making under (deep) uncertainty

Adaptive approach as remedy for insecurity

"What does Mobility as a Service mean to the urban transportation system?"

Combatting floods with new standards

Combatting floods with new standards

"How can new safety standards for the Dutch flood defenses be best realized in practice?"

From discontented employee to discontented citizen

From discontented employee to discontented citizen

"When discontent is not resolved in the workplace, people also may come to express their discontent outside of work."

The municipal struggle with European state aid rules

The municipal struggle with European state aid rules

"European state aid rules apply not only to a national government, but also to a municipality that is selling off land for a low price."

Group discussions on energy transition

energy transition

“Everyone is trapped in their own mental models and it would appear we are successful in breaking through that.”

Gender equality is the key to talent and knowledge

gender equality project

“Gender inequality within organizations obstructs optimal use of the talent and knowledge present in the organization.”

What moves Africans to move through Europe?

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“If we work on the assumption that migrants are going to stay put in one location, you develop very different regulations than if you see mobility as a baseline.”

Refugees at Work

Refugees at Work

“The most qualified person for the job is not necessarily the person who is most similar to you.”

An integrated approach to sustainable development?

Sustainable development

"No matter how much companies work on being sustainable, they are dependent on their environment."

Innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia

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“We need to take off our western glasses if we want to advice on sustainable growth.”

The hidden values behind trade relations

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“It’s the researcher’s job to provide people with solid information and an honest picture of affairs.”

Health is everything

everything is health

“Wagging your finger doesn’t work any more. People are asking more and more hard questions about health risks.”