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Research facilities

Research facilities are instrumental to doing research, as they support and enable our researchers to carry out their research. At IMR the two most important types of facilities are our laboratories and data sets.

There are three laboratories: the Individual Decision lab for individual experiments on decision-making, the Group Decision lab for group-based experiments on decision-making and scenario development, and the Maplab which can be used to visualize complex planning- and design issues. Both labs can also be hired by external parties, for example for group-based decision-making activities and education. The recent purchase of map tables will enable researchers and students to simulate spatial planning processes. More information can also be found at the website of the laboratories.

Researchers use numerous data sets for their research, either from secondary sources (for example, data on businesses or citizens’ health or their political preferences) or self-collected. Some of these data-sets are publicly available, like the different sets collected in the Global Data Lab.