Register as a paid volunteer

Are you a student at the Radboud University and would you like to earn some money? The research that is being conducted in the Individual Decision lab has to do with observing how people make decisions and it is depends on having volunteers participate. As a participant you don’t need to have any particular skills as such and most of the experiments take place in the faculty’s computer lab. Generally speaking, the tasks have to do with making choices via the computers. These research experiments usually take about an hour.

Reward for participating

At the end of the lab session, the participants receive a reward in the form of money. The reward depends on the specific session and the choices made by the participants during the experiments. The reward is similar to the average hourly wages paid to a student.


You can register here as a paid volunteer. Registration is non-obligatory and you can deregister any time you wish. Once you have registered, you will receive e-mail messages which invite you to participate in an experiment. The information that you need in order to register for an experiment can be found in these e-mail messages. The experiments are held throughout the year.