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Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Entrepreneurship Initiative at NSM aims to stimulate the kind of entrepreneurial thinking in education programs and research within the Nijmegen School of Management, taking both the entrepreneur and the context into account. Entrepreneurship is generally seen as a driving force behind innovation, competition and economic growth. Entrepreneurship is about seeking opportunities and the realization of ambitions.

But entrepreneurship is also about establishing relations, cooperation, competition and focus. Seeking support, gaining access to the right resources, getting legitimacy, managing stakeholders and simply finding a good place to do business are all issues directly related to entrepreneurship. It takes a good idea and a lot of effort to establish a business. You will need an entire community to nurture it.

The Nijmegen School of Management boasts a rich and inspiring blend of subjects with great social significance. The multi-disciplinarity of the faculty provides the perfect conditions to study entrepreneurship in research and education.

The Entrepreneurship Initiative will not just look at new venture creation and entrepreneurs’ economic driving forces. The entrepreneurship initiative aims to be inclusive and pay attention to sustainable (both ecological and economic) drivers of entrepreneurs and enterprises might have, it wants to take the regional context into perspective. Entrepreneurship has much to do with empowerment, which gives it a social dimension, such as the emancipation of migrants and women through entrepreneurship.