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organisational identity

We use different methods, such as case study research and discourse analysis to focus on processes of identity work.

Corporate governance

How do organisations ensure responsible and future-oriented governance? Research into governance in the broadest sense of the word in both profit and not-for-profit organisations.


What could the contribution of firms to solve global challenges be and what are the implications for their daily business?

Stakeholder management

Our research focuses on identifying and analysing stakeholders' interests, as well as how to involve them in strategic decision-making to make well-supported strategic decisions.


Cutting-edge research on innovation management, helping organisations understand the obstacles and opportunities of innovation processes and outcomes.

Strategic change

Together with firms, we determine resilient corporate strategies and support change of business models and organisational systems.


We support and research the formation, formulation and implementation of the right strategy of organisations, taking into account social and political influences.

International business

How do MNEs and local firms engage in social innovation initiatives within diverse organisational and institutional contexts in developing and emerging countries?


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