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The well-known business strategy, management and organisational concepts and strategic planning approaches are no longer sufficient for managers to deal with the new challenges and developments. Therefore, firms need new ideas, new managerial approaches, and new concepts for business in transition.

In the area of transitions, we work with the energy transition in the broader context of sustainable development, as well as  digital transition. We want to understand the ways in which firms navigate in today’s complex world, the impact they have in doing so and on the challenges they face. This includes for example:

  • sustainable innovations
  • strategic organisational changes and
  • the role of individuals in organisations for driving this change.

The digitalisation challenge for organisations is understanding how it can be organised and governed in a responsible way, such as:

  • datafication
  • data governance (including privacy regulation and security)
  • standardisation and (algorithmic) accountability

This contributes to solutions for the environmental, social and political challenges that society currently faces.