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Register for IMR PhD council Focus Masterclass

Please register before 9 May 17:00 via this registration form for the IMR PhD council Focus Masterclass.

Hereby the IMR PhD Council invites you for a Focus Masterclass on the 16th of May (09:30 – 12:30) at EOS N01.120 The masterclass is hosted by Mariska Fisette who is co-founder, trainer, and consultant at The Well-being Workplace.

Content of the Masterclass:

It’s harder to focus these days, because we live in a culture where our attention is for sale. Especially when we're working from home without many colleagues around, we are an easy prey for unwanted distractions. Therefore, we organize a masterclass to help you focus and work without getting distracted. Concretely, with the use of a time management tool and practical tips & tricks, this masterclass helps you do the things you need to do, set priorities and make progress. As many of us deal regularly with annoying perfectionist thoughts, this class also  addresses how to move beyond such obstacles and create a good work flow.

An interactive presentation of how to create focus and flow in your work will be followed by two so-called ‘sprints’, so that we can immediately put theory into practice. And get some work done together! Sprints are proven to increase your focus enormously; apparently you get 3 times more work done compared to working alone. Of course, you decide what you will work on.