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Register for IMR PhD council Mindfulness Workshop

Please register before of 24 March 5.00 p.m. via this registration form for the IMR PhD council Mindfulness Workshop on 30 March from 10.00 - 11.30 a.m. in EOS 00.270.

About the workshop:

Trying to live up to your supervisors’ and your own expectations, failing experiments, impossible deadlines: PhD students are under a lot of stress. It is important not to ignore this fact, but to help PhD students how to deal with this on a personal level. Mindfulness has become a popular, evidence-based intervention to reduce stress. During this 1,5 hour workshop, theory and practice will be combined to teach you the basics of mindfulness and hopefully give you some handles to deal with stress in the future.

About the workshop leader:

Dr. Marloes Huijbers is conducting clinical research focusing on the effectiveness and working mechanisms of mindfulness-based interventions in mental health care. As a psychologist and senior researcher, Marloes is involved in a number of randomized controlled trials investigating mindfulness- and compassion-based interventions for patients with recurrent depression, bipolar disorder, and inflammatory bowel diseases, particularly looking at clinical and cost-effectiveness. Marloes is also working as a mindfulness teacher of MBSR and MBCT since 2014.