NSM and Society

Society demands critical reflection, new perspectives and sound academic knowledge. The motto of our faculty, Creating Knowledge for Society, emphasizes our commitment to interaction with external organizations. In addition, it serves to highlight the importance of the rich mix of disciplines and perspectives present at our faculty when it comes to critically analyzing issues that concern society and taking an innovative approach to solving problems through education and research.

As well as cooperating with national and international partners in the world of academia, business, government and non-profit organizations, the faculty recognizes its task in training young academics and researchers, and helping them to find their way in non-academic commercial organizations, public services or government once they have completed their degree programme or PhD.

The Faculty provides a range of facilities for organizations, enabling them to analyze complex individual and group decision-making processes. This takes place in modern labs, but organizations may also reap the benefits of our in-house knowledge and expertise via work placements, graduation projects or contract research.

A strong relationship with alumni is high on the faculty agenda. Alumni show their commitment by giving guest lectures, providing work placements or acting as mentor during coaching sessions for students with questions relating to the job market.