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Management Study centre (MSc)

The Management Study Centre (MSc) is part of the Nijmegen School of Management and is located across three floors in the Elinor Ostrom Building: the lower level (-1), ground floor (0), and the first floor (1). The MSc is extensively used by students who are working on their studies in a variety of ways.

Opening hours

Monday until Thursday: 8.30 am - 10.00 pm
Friday: 8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: closed
> Adjusted opening hours 2022-2023

Reserving study workspaces via Face

For students of Radboud University it is possible to reserve a study workplace on the ground floor or the first floor of the MSc. Due to the RIVM measures against the spread of COVID-19, the number of workplaces has been adjusted.

  • The ground floor (N.00.310) has 20 individual workplaces with electrical outlets.
  • The first floor (N.01.044) has 26 PC workplaces and 4 individual workplaces with a electrical outlets.
  • You can freely choose which part of the day you reserve. We would like to expressly request that you only reserve the part of the day during which you actually work in the MSc. In this way you do not unnecessarily occupy a study place for a fellow student.
  • You can book up to two days in advance.
  • Reservations are possible from Monday to Friday.
  • You can reserve one part of the day at a time.
  • There is a transition time of 15 minutes between each reservation.
  • Clean your study place at arrival.

You can download the instruction manual (pdf, 459 kB) here.

Have you reserved a room, but are you not present within 15 minutes after the start of the reservation? Then the reservation will expire. If you are unable to attend, you can delete the reservation so that other students can use the workplace. In case of 'no show' multiple times, exclusion from booking the workplaces will follow.

Students can also reserve study workspaces at other locations of Radboud University. For example in the Central Library.

Study areas

All study rooms on the three floors of the MSc are quiet areas. This means that work and studying must be done in silence.  In addition, eating and/or drinking is not allowed in these areas. In the Elif's Student Lounge and in the hallways it is allowed to eat and/or drink.

Service desk

A service desk is located near the entrance of the study room on the first floor of the MSc (EOS N 01.044). At this service desk, students and staff members can ask general questions about the use of the study rooms or specific questions about the MSc facilities. Please let the service desk employee know in case you have any problems with the printers or computers. The service employee of the MSc will supervise the correct use of the study rooms and will also supervise compliance with the RIVM measures.

Required exam literature

The education collection of the Nijmegen School of Management is located in the study room on the first floor of the MSc (EOS N 01.044). This collection contains the required exam literature for each course (in the form of books), and a number of atlases. Books of which RUQuest indicates that they are available at the Nijmegen School of Management (code MW) can be requested at the MSc service desk. These books are available for reference in exchange of a valid student card. Books and atlases cannot be taken outside of the MSc and must be returned before closing time. An overview of required exam literature available as eBook, can be found here.

NSM Library Team

The NSM Library Team supports students, researchers and staff of the Nijmegen School of Management. You can find the library team in room EOS N 01.545 of the Elinor Ostrom building. The librarians are available for answering any questions you may have in relation to your search for literature and economic/business data, e.g. help with using specific search engines, (systematic) literature reviews, citing sources (APA style) and economic/business data collection. The team also organizes a range of workshops for students and staff members, e.g. on economic data, Atlas.ti and Zotero. The NSM Library Guides are a useful starting point, as they contain information on the NSM Library Team and its services, as well as the available search tools for literature and data for our faculty.

Refinitiv Workspace & Stata

The Nijmegen School of Management offers a number of economic & business databases to its students and researchers. An overview is available here. For user support, please contact the NSM data librarians. All databases can be accessed freely, except the Refinitiv Workspace (formerly Eikon), for which we have a limited number of accounts available. Students and researchers can apply for an account to use during a certain timeslot (standard: 1 day) through the data librarians.

Additionally, Stata is available on the computers in room EOS N -01.170 of the MSc and study rooms EOS N 00.300 and EOS N 00.330, next to the MSc on the ground floor. NSM students (and employees) can also purchase Stata at a reduced rate via  R Studio and SPSS are available at all student work stations.

Computers and printers

In multiple MSc study rooms, students can make use of computers. You have to log in with a personal account in order to use these computers. This log-in account consists of your student number (preceded by an ‘s’) and your personal password. This is the same password you use to log into the Student Portal. A complete overview of the software in the Mangement Study centre can be found here. There are also two printers/scanners available in the study room on the first floor (EOS N 01.044). You can use the printers with Skuario. More information about Skuario can be found here.


There are lockers on the left and right sides of the study room on the first floor of the MSc (EOS N 01.044). These can be used by students during MSc opening hours. Please note: the locker access codes are reset after the MSc closes so that they are ready for use again the next day.

Charging Station

A charging station for mobile phones and tablets is located on the first floor of the MSc. In the lockers, there are connections with which you can charge your mobile device for 45 minutes.


If you have any questions about the use of the study rooms at the MSc or the different facilities available, or if you simply would like more information, please speak with the staff member at the MSc service desk on the first floor (EOS N 01.044). You can also send an e-mail to msc@fm.ru.nl.

Adjusted opening hours in 2022-2023

Opening hours during examweeks

During the examweeks the MSc is open on Monday till Thursday from 8.30-22.00, on Friday from 8.30-18.00 and in the weekends from 10.00-18.00. These opening hours will apply on the following periods.

  • Examweek 1: 22 October till 4 November
  • Tentamenweek 2: 2 January till 27 January
  • Tentamenweek 3: 18 March till 6 April
  • Tentamenweek 4: 10 June till 14 July (met uitzondering van 1, 2, 8 en 9 July)

Opening hours during holidays

During the holidays the MSc is open from 08:30-17:30. On the following days the MSc will be closed:

  • 24 December t/m 1 January
  • 7 April
  • 9 en 10 April
  • 27 April
  • 5 May
  • 18 en 19 May
  • 28 en 29 May
  • 21 July

Opening hours on weekends

The Management Study centre is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.