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Student assessor

The main task of a student assessor is to represent students within the faculty. A student assessor ensures that the voices of students in the faculty are heard when decisions are made at management level. The assessor must stay in close touch with students in order to keep track of what they consider important and alert them to decisions made by the faculty.

A good working relationship with the Programme Committees (PCs) and Faculty Student Council (FSC) is vital. All three bodies must listen to students and be aware of their concerns. This is the best way to represent their interests. The student assessor meets the Dean of the faculty every week. The assessor may be involved with matters such as the EER, the quality of teaching and study facilities, so student input is vitally important!

The current student assessor is Sümeya Bulut.


Elinor Ostromgebouw N 00.130 (Heyendaalseweg 141)
Tel: +31 24 36 11 731
E-mail: assessor@fm.ru.nl