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Complaint Committee

All of our faculty's staff members try their best to deliver high-quality education and to apply the correct procedures whenever possible. Still, you may feel as though you have not been treated in a way you should have been treated. This might apply to individual teachers, to the way classes have been taught, to the scheduling, classrooms, information, etc.

The faculty Complaint Committee deals with complaints from students about matters regarding education and exams. Ms E. Veneman (Education Centre) is the contact person.

Are you not sure if you should bring your complaint to the faculty Complaint Committee? Try running through the flow chart (again). Are you sure? If so, please fill out the form below. The committee's method of working and its code of conduct can be viewed upon request.

When should you not fill in a complaint form?

  • There are official procedures for dealing with problems concerning admission, registration, tuition and financial support. These can all be found in the Students' charter (available at the Bureau of Student Affairs located in the Houtlaan 4). In most of these cases, you can get in touch with your study advisor or the student counselor.
  • For problems concerning the contents and assessment of tests and exams, you can talk to the teacher concerned. If this does not produce desirable results, then you can contact the Board of Examiners which corresponds to your study. This can best be done by writing a letter to the Secretary. If an appeal to the Board of Examiners does not lead to a solution, then you can go to the Appeal Committee for Exams. You can, in both cases, enlist for the support of your study advisor or student counselor.
  • For complaints which involve sexual harassment, you can appeal to the Complaint Committee, the
    one which meant to serve the entire university. Try to talk first with a confidant.
  • For complaints concerning financial aid or grants, it is possible to file a complaint with or to make an appeal to the Information Management Group (InformatieBeheerGroep) in Groningen. In order to receive support in such cases, you can best visit the Support Center for Student Funding and not your study advisor. Sometimes it might be wise to even consult the student counselor.
  • The flow chart can help you find the person that you can contact with a comment or complaint.

Please fill in your particulars and details regarding the complaint.