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Note: this webpage is only intended for those applying for a Bachelor’s Degree from the English-taught study programme ‘Bedrijfskunde’ specializations IBA and BA or ‘Economie en bedrijfseconomie’ specialization IE&B. To apply for a Bachelor’s Degree from a Dutch-taught study programme, you should go to the Dutch webpage ‘Bachelor’ >

If you have successfully completed all of the required courses and the Bachelor’s thesis, you are eligible to apply for a Bachelor's diploma.

When can you apply for your Bachelor's diploma?

You can apply for your Bachelor's diploma if:

  • all of your results have been processed in Osiris
  • you are enrolled in the relevant degree programme on the exam date. (Please note: There should be no more than six weeks between the exam date and the date on which you apply for your diploma)
  • you have paid all tuition fees

What is the exam date?

The official exam date is the date on which you officially completed your degree programme and obtained your diploma. This date is stated on your diploma. The exam date is not the date of your graduation ceremony. The exam date is the date on which the final examination was completed. If the Bachelor’s thesis is your final exam component, your exam date is the date you submitted the final version of your thesis. If a formal defence takes place as part of the Bachelor’s thesis, the date of the defence counts as the examination date (see the EER article ‘Exams and Exam Dates’). The exam date has implications for unenrolling in Studielink, for the restitution of your tuition fees, and for your public transport pass.

As soon as you apply for your diploma, you must unenrol in Studielink (select ‘graduation’). Your enrolment at Radboud University will be terminated on the first day of the month immediately following your exam date. As of this month, you will no longer be entitled to financial aid or to your public transport pass. To prevent unnecessary problems in the future, we urge you to terminate your financial aid and your public transport pass as soon as possible. You are responsible for arranging all financial aid matters via DUO.

Your unenrollment date can be changed retroactively in Studielink. For example: If you submitted your Master’s thesis on 30 October and received a passing grade on 6 November, your exam date is 30 October and your unenrolment date is 1 November (even if you applied for your diploma on 6 November).

How do I apply for my Bachelor’s diploma?

  • You can apply for your Bachelor’s diploma using the form on this page.
  • Please check that all results are listed correctly in Osiris. If one or more results are missing, contact the relevant lecturers.
  • It’s useful to keep your study progress overview (Osiris) at hand when completing the application. This will help you quickly find the course codes and course names you need to enter on the form.
  • If certain courses are not listed correctly in your exam programme (e.g. an elective course is listed as an extra-curricular course), you can indicate this on the application form.
  • Be sure to include a copy of the letter you received from the Examining Board stating that you were exempt from and/or could otherwise deviate from the standard exam programme.

After you submit the application form, a confirmation e-mail will be immediately sent to your RU account with the information you provided. Check that this information is correct. Be sure to save this e-mail carefully, as it proves you submitted your application. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your application may not have been received. In this case, contact the STIP information office at stip@fm.ru.nl.

In the confirmation e-mail we will ask you to complete an evaluation form for your Bachelor’s programme. The feedback provided by students who have recently completed the programme is extremely important and can help us improve the quality of our education. By completing this form, you are therefore helping us safeguard the continued quality of your programme.

Further procedure

If you require a document before you receive your Bachelor's diploma to prove that you have completed all Bachelor's requirements (e.g. for a follow-up programme), you can request it at www.mijndiplomas.nl. This statement can only be issued if your diploma application was approved by Radboud University and forwarded to DUO.

See the overview of graduation dates for more information about when the graduation ceremonies will be held and the final date for submitting your diploma application.

If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony, you can submit a request to your programme’s Examining Board to collect your diploma from the Central Student Administration Office. Be sure to explain the reason for your absence in your submission.

Unenrolling in Studielink

After applying for your diploma, unenrol in Studielink and select ‘graduation’ as your reason. By unenrolling in Studielink, you will be eligible for a restitution of tuition fees for the months for which you are no longer enrolled. If you applied for your diploma in June, July, or August, you cannot unenrol in Studielink. In this case, you will be automatically unenrolled at the end of the academic year (31 August) and you will not be reimbursed for the tuition fees paid in July and August.

Enrolment cannot be terminated retrospectively.

You do not have to be enrolled to attend the graduation ceremony.

More information about enrolment can be found on the relevant page of the Central Student Administration Office.

For useful information about other steps to take after graduating (e.g. terminating your financial aid and your public transport pass), visit the DUO website.

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