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Application procedure pre-Master’s certificate

To apply for your pre-Master’s certificate, you should follow the procedure below:

  • If you have met all of the requirements necessary in order to obtain a certificate, you are obliged to immediately submit your application for a certificate.
  • As soon as your certificate has been processed, you will receive notification and you should enroll for the Master’s programme via Studielink.

When can you apply for your certificate?

You can apply for a certificate if:

  • you are an incoming professional university (in Dutch: HBO) student or a (pre)-university student
  • you have passed all of the subjects in the pre-Master's programme
  • you are registered at the Central Student Administration for the study programme concerned
  • all your results have been registered in Osiris

You will need the following for this:

  • a learning agreement (if applicable)
  • a copy of the letter sent by the Board of Examiners which states that you have been granted permission (if applicable in case of deviations from the set requirements and/or extra exemptions from the regular standard programme).

How can you apply for your certificate?

  • The application form for requesting your pre-Master’s certificate can be found hereWe recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to fill in this form.

  • This form should be filled in online and sent together with the uploads from the documents mentioned above (where applicable).
  • Your application form will be sent to the Education Centre at Nijmegen School of Management. At the same time you will receive a confirmation of receipt consisting of information that pertains to the further processing of your application and all of the details that you entered on the form. Be sure to save a copy of this message just in case you might need it. If you have not received this confirmation of receipt - after having sent it – there is a possibility that something might have gone wrong when sending your application form and that the Education Centre did not receive your application. You should then contact the student administration pertaining to your field of study (see below, under 'Questions or problems’), so that they can check if your application has been received or not.
  • The Education Centre will process your application and send it to the Bureau of Exams. As soon as your certificate has been signed and returned by the Board of Examiners, it will be sent by post to your residing address and you will receive a message from the Education Centre, within two weeks (not including the holiday period), that will be sent to your RU e-mail address and/or your personal e-mail address (if you have filled this in).

Questions or problems

If you have any questions or if you should encounter any problems, then you can contact the student administration office of your study programme.

Business Administration (including Law & Management)

Senior staff member: Petra Bloem 
e-mail: p.bloem@fm.ru.nl 
Elinor Ostrom building N00.215 
Tel. (024) 361 1264

Public Administration

Senior staff member: Janny van Keeken
e-mail: j.vankeeken@fm.ru.nl
Elinor Ostrom building N00.214
Tel. (024) 361 1199

Economics, Political Science

Senior staff member: Ingrid Smitjes 
e-mail: i.smitjes@fm.ru.nl 
Elinor Ostrom building N00.214
Tel. (024) 361 2102

Human Geography, Spatial Planning, Social and Political Sciences of the Environment

Senior staff member: Priscilla Read 
e-mail: p.read@fm.ru.nl 
Elinor Ostrom building N00.215
Tel. (024) 361 1930