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Bachelor before Master regulation

In Dutch higher education we are familiar with the concept of the ‘harde knip’ (Bachelor's before Master’s rule). The ‘harde knip’ means that you can only start a Master’s programme once you have completed your Bachelor’s or Premaster’s programme. As the ‘harde knip’ is laid down in the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act, no exceptions are possible to this. The examination date of your previous education should be before the start date (1 September) of your Master’s programme. The ‘harde knip’ applies to everyone.

Note: the ‘harde knip’ also means that it is not permitted to follow courses from the Master’s programme based on a Bachelor’s or Premaster’s registration. The failure to complete your previous education on time therefore has serious consequences for your study plans; if you expect any problems in completing your previous education, you should contact your student advisor in good time.