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NSM guidelines on weblectures and livestreams

NSM’s guideline on weblectures and livestream aims to encourage all students to be on campus. Our campus is the site where interactions between students and teachers occur, and where you interact with the course materials together. It is important to be psychically on campus as much as possible. For this reason, not all lectures are recorded, weblectures won’t be made available immediately and there will be no livestreams of lectures. The following applies:

Bachelor- and premastercourses

By default, all lectures in bachelor and premastercourses are recorded. Seminars will not be recorded. Records are made available for alle students in the course 1 to 2 weeks before the exam and resit via Brightspace, to help you prepare for the exam. All exams will also take place on campus.

Recordings of lectures in research methods courses can be made available immediately to support the practicing of practical skills. It is up to the lecturers in those courses to decide if weblectures are published immediately.

For some courses, no recordings will be made, or the recordings are published to all students as soon as possible. Information on how and when weblectures are published is shared through the course manuals.


By default, the lectures in mastercourses are not recorded. If the course coordinator decides to have the lectures recorded, the recordings are made available for all students in the course 1 to 2 weeks before the exam and resit, via Brightspace.

An exception are courses in research methodology. Lectures in these courses are recorded and can be made available to all students immediately. It is up to the course coordinator to decide.

Information on if, how and when weblectures are made and published is shared through the course manuals.


If adapted studying applies to you, you can get access to the weblectures as soon as possible after the lecture. Students with extraordinary circumstances can also get early access. Access must be requested through the study advisors, not through course coordinators. Contact your study advisors if you are dealing with personal circumstances. The following are not considered special circumstances:

  • incidental (short-term, non-chronic) illness;
  • vacation;
  • internship;
  • job;
  • travel time