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Peer Mentoring Project

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Within the Peer Mentoring Project you will be able to participate in a mentor group with four or five fellow students from the same study programme and academic year. The group will be guided and supported by a more senior student in the role of a student mentor. You will meet once a month — or more if you like — to talk about your study programme and to get to know your fellow students better. You exchange information and experiences about the study programme, or look at ways to improve your study and planning skills. There is also room to get to know each other better, for example by having coffee or cooking together.

The Peer Mentoring Project is for all students of the Nijmegen School of Management: from first year Bachelor’s to Pre-Master’s and Master’s students.

Would you like to participate in a mentor group?

Apply now via this application form if you would like to join one of the groups!

Do you have any questions? Contact us via pmp@fm.ru.nl.