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What can you bring to your exams?

The rules regarding aids permitted during exams are set out in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). The description as shown in the EER takes precedence. Further elaboration may be found below.


The use of dictionaries that translate from the student’s own language into the language of the exam and from the language of the exam into the student’s own language is permitted during written exams. English-English and Dutch-Dutch dictionaries are not permitted. The dictionaries may not contain any notes added by anyone other than the publisher.


For exams where calculators are permitted, only these calculator types are permitted:

Casio FX82, Casio FX83, Casio FX85, Casio FX87, Casio fx-991, Casio fx-570SP, Casio fx-810DE CW , HP10S+, TI-1795, TI-30XA, TI-30XB, TI-30XS

The course coordinator will indicate those exams during which a graphing calculator is permitted.


During the exam, students will have no items at their disposal that can be used as an exam aid, unless the examiner has explicitly stipulated that the aid is permitted before the exam starts. Aids in terms of these regulations include: dictionaries/books other than those described above, dictations and notes, as well as watches, laptops, tablets, telephones, and other (smart) devices and/or wearables.

You are advised to consult the course manual or inquire from the lecturer concerned regarding exceptions and specific cases (for example additional articles).

Extra paper will be available.