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Registration deadlines

Registering for exams and resits

You need to register in Osiris to participate in teaching and exams. You can find further explanation in the Osiris instructions.

The Nijmegen School of Management employs strict registration deadlines.

You will be unable to register for exams or courses if you miss the registration. The STIP is also unable to register you for teaching or exams after the deadline.

If you missed the deadline due to special circumstances beyond your control (e.g. an illness (with documentation) or special family circumstances), you can submit a formal request for late registration to the Examination Board. However, even these special circumstances do not guarantee that you will be permitted to register after the deadline. In other words, late registration is only possible if course capacity allows for it. Submitting a formal request to the Examination Board is no substitute for checking that your registration is in order ahead of time. It is not considered a special circumstance if you forgot a deadline or did not pay close enough attention to deadline reminders or information.

See here the registration deadlines for the exams and resits of quarter 1 (png, 140 kB) and quarter 2 (png, 169 kB).

Confirmation of registration

If you have successfully registered for a course, exam or resit in Osiris, you will receive a confirmation message in Osiris Mededelingen and a confirmation email in your student email inbox. Save this confirmation. It is proof that you registered. If your registration was unsuccessful, you will not receive a confirmation. If this happens, repeat the process and check that you have completed all the steps. If it still does not work, please contact the STIP information desk before the deadline expires. Once the deadline has passed, there is nothing we can do for you.

The procedure is as follows:

  • You register for the courses you want to take in Osiris. Check the that the name and code are correct before registering. There are registration deadlines. You can register for the courses of the relevant block until 10 working days before the block starts.
    • You are automatically enrolled for participation in the first exam opportunity when you register for a course, provided you are registered for the correct study programme.
    • For the second opportunity, you can register until no later than five working days before the exam date.
  • You will receive confirmation of registration for a course, exam or resit by email and in Osiris Notices. Take care to save this confirmation.
  • You can no longer register when the deadline for registration for education and exams has closed. This means you will not be admitted for teaching or any exams.
  • Students who are more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to exams.
  • Participation in exams is only possible upon presentation of valid
  • The deadline for announcing exam results is 15 working days. You can access the exam result using Osiris from 16 working days after the exam.
Registrations opens in week
All bachelors + pre-masters and Masters EC, HG, ESS, SP, POL and BA (Excluding Masters Public Administration)
Exam period 1
Wk. 43-44: Automatic (course registration is exam registration)
Resit period 1
Wk. 3-4: 18 to 28 January2024 (registration closes 5 working days before the resit date)
Exam period 2
Wk. 2-3: automatically (course registration is exam registration)
Resit period 2
Wk. 13-14: 28 March to 5 April 2024 (registration closes 5 working days before the resit date)
Exam period 3
Wk. 12-13: automatically (course registration is exam registration)
Resit period 3
Wk. 25-26: 19 to 28 June 2024 (registration closes 5 working days before the resit date)
Exam period 4
Wk. 24-25: automatically (course registration is exam registration)
Resit period 4
Wk. 27-28: 1 to 12 July2024 (registration closes 5 working days before the resit date)
Period Start date Final registration deadline
1 04-09-2023 Monday 4 September, 11.59 pm

Registration possible from Tuesday 1 August
2 06-11-2023 Sunday 22 October, 11.59 pm

Registration is possible from Monday 18 September
3 29-01-2024 Sunday 14 January, 11.59 pm

Registration is possible from Monday 4 December
4 08-04-2024

Sunday 24 March, 11.59 pm

Registration possible from Monday 12 February

If you are having difficulty registering, contact the Student Information Desk (STIP) of the faculty that is administering your exam.
The Master Public Administration is scheduled differently, the registration deadlines can be found here.


You register in Osiris for the courses you want to take. Make sure you double check the correct name and code of the course before you register. You must register for courses no later than ten working days before the starting date of the block in which they are taught.

Internal regulations & special provisions

  • Make sure that you are prepared for your exam and that you understand the applicable rules.
  • If you have a specific need or a functional impairment for which special services are required (e.g. extra exam time due to dyslexia), you can apply for special provisions. Always check that you have been properly registered for this provision in advance.

Are you an exchange student?

If you are an exchange student at Radboud University, please follow the instructions to register and deregister for exams and resits.