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  1. Completion Endorsement
  2. Mathematics Requirement
  3. Enrolling with an University of Applied Sciences propaedeutic
  1. Advice of Completion

I will not receive my University of Applied Sciences fifirst-year advice of completion before 15 August: is this a problem?

It is not a problem if your University of Applied Sciences fifirst-year diploma or completion endorsement is received a little past the 15 August deadline. We must receive either the completion endorsement or graduation statement by 6 September at the latest. We can arrange your enrolment as soon as we receive the information. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the Student Information Desk.

  1. Mathematics Requirement

I want to register for a Bachelor's programme on the basis of an University of Applied Sciences first-year diploma. How can I satisfy the mathematics requirement?

You satisfy the mathematics requirement if you have completed Mathematics A or B at VWO final exam level. This can be done by passing the regular final VWO final exams or by taking an external exam such as a CCVX, Boswell-Bèta or the OMPT assessment. The Nijmegen School of Management does not offer support for taking these assessments.
Please note: it is sufficient to have Mathematics C at the VWO final exam level for some programmes. Click here for more about the exact requirements for each study programme and assessment.

I have not yet managed to take the mathematics exam: is there still a way to satisfy the mathematics requirement?

The following maths assessment may still be taken online before 15 August.

SAT Mathematics Test, level 1 or 2, minimum score: 600 out of 800

Online Mathematics Placement Test (OMPT), OMPT-A, minimum score 55%

Check the mathematics requirements for the programme of your choice here.

I have to submit a mathematics certificate, but it is likely that I will only receive it after 31 August. Can I still start the study programme in September?

The assessment date must be on or before 31 August. If you submit your result after 1 September, then you must keep in mind that you will not have full access to Radboud University systems for some time.

3. Enrolling with an University of Applied Sciences first-year diploma

I have an University of Applied Sciences first-year diploma and want to register for a Bachelor's programme at the Nijmegen School of Management. Do I need specific prior education?

It is possible to start a Bachelor’s programme if you have a University of Applied Sciences first-year diploma. There is no requirement for this first-year diploma to be from a particular University of Applied Sciences study programme. Please note that there are still additional admission requirements. You can find more information about the admission requirements of the Bachelor’s programmes at the Nijmegen School of Management via this link.