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  1. Related Prior Education
  2. Registration
  3. Average Grade
  4. Exemptions
  1. Related Prior Education

My prior education is not mentioned in the list of related University of Applied Sciences degree programmes. Can I still be admitted?

In some cases, admission is indeed possible, such as when your minor or electives perfectly align with the Pre-Master’s or Master’s programme. The Examining Board of the degree programme will use the application for admission you have submitted to determine whether admission is possible.
Use Studielink to register for the Pre-Master’s of your choice. Based on the information you provide — if complete — the Admissions and Examining Boards will decide whether you can be admitted. No definitive decision can be taken until your application for admission has been officially received.

2. Registration

I will only get my diploma after 31 August. Does this impact on my enrolment?

The examination date of your diploma (or the examination date of your certificate) must be before 1 September. It is not a problem if your diploma or certificate request is only administratively processed after 1 September. However, we request that you report this to the Central Student Desk before 15 August.
Please note: some institutes (such as Radboud University) require you to submit a diploma request yourself after completing all courses that are part of your study programme.

3. Average Grade

How do I calculate the unweighted average of my University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s?

Please visit Calculation tool for the unweighted average of an University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s.

If I am taking a minor as part of my final 120 EC of my study programme, do I need to include it for the unweighted average on Rekenhulp?

Yes, if the minor is part of your examination programme and you receive study credits (EC) for it, then this minor must be included in the calculation of the unweighted average. Please visit Rekenhulp ongewogen gemiddelde HBO-bachelor (calculation help for the unweighted average of an University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s programme).

What is a certified grade list or diploma?

A certified copy is a copy of your diploma and/or grade list with a stamp and a signature. It certifies that the copy accurately reflects the original document.

Only a scan of a certified copy of your diploma/grade list will be processed by Admissions for your enrolment. A certified copy is required before you can be definitively admitted.

Where can I obtain a certified grade list?

If you studied at another university or University of Applied Sciences, then you can request a certified grade list from the education desk or student administration department of your previous institute.

I would like to register for a study programme, but I have not yet completed my prior education and I am being asked to send a certified copy of my diploma. How can I resolve this?

You can register for a study programme at the Nijmegen School of Management in Studielink and go through the registration process in Osiris. You can submit the required documents until 15 August at the latest.

4. Exemptions

Can I request exemptions for courses from the Pre-Master’s programme?

Yes, you may qualify for an exemption if you request it on the basis of a university course that you completed successfully. If you submit all required information with your admission request, then the Examining Board will determine whether the course you successfully completed is sufficiently comparable in difficulty and content to the Pre-Master’s course.

It is not possible to obtain an exemption for a university course on the basis of an University of Applied Sciences course.

After completing the enrolment process, I was granted an exemption for a Pre-Master’s course. Will my Pre-Master’s fee be lowered?

If you request it before 15 August, then you do not have to do anything else - this has been communicated already - but please not that the Pre-Master's fee cannot be adjusted after the month of August.

During my registration for a Pre-Master’s, I forgot to request exemptions for one or more courses. Can this still be organised?

You can submit a request for exemptions to the Examining Board of the study programme for which you have registered.

Please note: in the case of a Pre-Master’s study programme, it is not possible to change the amount of the Pre-Master’s fee from 1 September. If you are granted exemptions after this fee has already been definitively determined, then the exempted courses will not be deducted from the fee.