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Elective space

Within the Bachelor’s programme Economics and Business Economics, students have to gain 24EC of their credits in the form of elective credits in their compulsory programme. You can quite freely choose your electives and they also do not have to be related to your own field of study. You also do not need to get permission before selecting your courses at Radboud University; only in case you want to take elective credits at another university you need to get prior permission by the Board of Examiners.

  • The course cannot have overlap with courses from your fixed program. This e.g. means that courses from the first year from the Bachelor Economie en Bedrijfseconomie/Economics and Business Economics are not suited to use as electives. The courses from both study programmes are identical. On the Bachelor channel on Brightspace you can find a list of these courses.

Check if you meet any potential prerequisites in order to take the course (check the course description in the study guide).

A wide range of possibilities are available to fill this 24EC of elective credits.