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Electives from other programmes at RU

Regular courses from other Bachelor’s programmes at NSM and from other faculties are also an option to fill up your electives credits. Electives at other faculties, could for example be:

Nijmegen School of Management

  • Inleiding Politicologie
  • Kernthema’s van de Bestuurkunde
  • Inleiding in de Bedrijfskunde 1
  • Etc.

Faculty of Social Science

  • Social Inequality
  • Social Capital
  • Etc.

Institute for Gender Studies

  • Gender in Organisations
  • Gender and Diversity: Policies and Practices
  • Etc.

Please note: not all faculties work with blocks and the same year schedule. Check in advance whether you have overlapping exams. In case of overlapping exams you will most likely need to choose which exam you will take. The double exam arrangement is very limited. Also, please make sure to register on time for your courses.