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Minors outside Radboud University

Students are allowed to look for minors outside Radboud University but have to take into account that some minors may include more than 24EC’s and courses might overlap with our curriculum. There should be a prior approval by the Board of Examiners after of a request by you. See this request form. The attachment must contain the content and learning objectives of the courses, the literature studied, and the EC points gained. After finishing the courses, students have to hand in a hardcopy certified transcript at the Student Information Point (STIP) to receive the EC’s. Be aware that you have to arrange your registration at the other university by yourself. See more procedural information on Brightspace.

Please be aware that it is only possible to follow courses at another university in the Netherlands when you pay the statutory tuition fees.

One possibility could be:

Please note that the minor takes a whole semester and needs to be approved in advance.