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Preparing for a pre-Master’s

A pre-Master’s prepares you for a certain Master’s. It is usually a one-year programme. However, please note that not all programmes offer a pre-Master’s and requirements can differ. Below you will find an example of the Business Administration pre-Master’s. If you want to do your Master’s at another institution different from Radboud University it is also possible you need to do a pre-Master’s, or that you have certain deficiencies for the programme.

Pre-Master’s in Business Administration

In order to do the specialisations: Marketing, Strategic Management, International Business or Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Master’s in Business Administration students from the Bachelor’s specialisations in Business Economics have to pass the following courses (18EC) first:

If you are interested in one of the other Master’s specialisations below, you have to follow an additional course of 6EC next to the 3 aforementioned courses above:

Students from the Bachelor’s specialisations in Financial Economics and International Economics and Policy have to take a pre-Master’s in Business Administration before being admitted to the Master’s in Business Administration. Please contact the study advisor of the Master’s Business Administration for requesting course exemptions.