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Summer school

Joining a Summer school is a great opportunity to study abroad for a short period. You can deepen your knowledge and broaden your horizon. Many universities abroad offer you the possibility to take part in a Summer school programme. These programmes usually take place in July and/or August and vary in duration from 1 week to 6 weeks. The past few years, students from the NSM went to multiple destinations. All of the students returned satisfied and feeling enriched by having had a very special experience.

Where can I go?

Summer school Grants

The Nijmegen School of Management, together with the International Office offers 20 grants as a contribution to the costs for summer university programs or summer schools abroad. For more information please check the following website.

COVID-19 and Summer school application/grants

  • The application procedure is the same as the regular procedure for a summer school grant;
  • Grants for a summer school abroad remain the same as before. Online summer schools make you eligible for a grant of maximum €375 a week, with a maximum of two weeks, there is no difference between European and non-European summer schools;
  • The grants for an online summer school will be based on the tuition fee and should thus be included in the application for a grant;
  • Dutch summer schools, even if they are online, will not be supported by the summer school grant;
  • Students are eligible for a summer school grant only once during their studies, this includes online summer schools.

ECTS credits

The number of ECTS credits obtained during the semester abroad will be determined after your return. Please note that 1 ECTS credit equals 28 hours of studying and the final decision regarding the credit conversion will be made by the examination board.

Before you enroll

Before you enroll, you need to check with the examination board whether the course is eligible for receiving ECTS credits. In order to do so you need to complete the following web form. You need to enroll in an academic summer school in your own field or a similar field of study. Please note there will be no ECTS granted for language courses  While being abroad you need to make sure you have this form (pdf, 224 kB) signed and stamped by your host university and to take it with you.

Upon return

As soon as you have your transcript you need to complete the following web form and upload the following three documents: