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Elective space

In the bachelor's degree in Geography, Planning and the Environment (GPM), there is room to take five elective courses (30 ECTS). The elective courses are offered by the GPM programme, by the Faculty of Management Sciences, other faculties, Radboud University, or at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad. You can choose your electives yourself and they do not have to be related to your own field of study. You also do not need prior permission for your choice of courses.

In principle, all courses from other Bachelor's degree programs may be chosen within the faculty. However, methodology courses, projects and the Academic Skills course may not always be chosen as electives. Not every course is equally suitable to choose as an elective. When making your choice, pay particular attention to the heading 'prior knowledge' in the course descriptions. Elective courses in the master are only accessible to students who have been admitted to the master in question.

If you would like more information about the suitability of courses or about the order in which you should choose the courses, please contact the study advisor.

There are many possibilities to fill in your elective space of 30 ECTS.