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Minors outside RU

You can follow minors outside Radboud University, but you have to take into account that some minors encompass more than 24 EC. Courses from minors outside the RU may overlap with our curriculum. Before following a minor, you must receive permission from the Examination Board. Please consult this application form. The appendix of this form needs to contain the contents and learning objects of the courses, the studied literature and the relevant EC points. After completion of the courses, you must deliver an authenticated transcription in hard copy to the Student Information Point (STIP) to receive the ECs. Keep in mind that you have to handle your registration at other universities yourself. For more information on procedure, see Brightspace.

The following offers could be a possibility:

Teacher-training minor at Wageningen University (30 EC)

Please note: the minor will last an entire semester and needs to be approved beforehand. Preparation for the Pre-Master