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Minors within GPE

GPE offers various minors, including:

Minor On the MoveMobility, migration and borders

This minor of 23 EC will provide you insight into the social, cultural and geopolitical aspects of global mobility, which includes migration, refugee flows and tourism. The following courses are offered in the On the Move minor: Globalising Worlds (English), Borders and Identities in Europe (English), Migration and Society (English) and Migration and Interreligious Studies. More information about the minor On the Move and its courses can be find on its minor page: Mobility, Migration and Borders.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Urban Development Minor

You must follow a minimum of 24 EC of courses within this minor and, because of the focus of the minor, the courses Managing Innovation (English), Social Cultural Approach to Entrepreneurship (English) and Urban Economics in Europe are mandatory. In addition, students must follow a minimum of one of the following three courses: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Area Development or Sustainable Region Development. More information on the minor On the Move and its courses can be found on the Entrepeneurship, innovation and urban development minor page.

Sustainability Challenges Minor

You will follow a set of courses aimed at sustainability challenges, with a collective study load of 24 EC at minimum. You need to follow a minimum of two of the five core subjects: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Sustainability Intervention Methods (English), Environment and Society (English), Economics and Sustainable Development (English), Natural Resources: Conflict and Governance (English). In addition, students must follow all four of the minor's electives: Climate change: Science and Policy (English), Energy and Sustainability (English), Debating Science: an introduction in ‘Science in Society’ (English), and Post-Fossil Change in Industrial Regions (English). More information about the minor can be found on the Sustainability Challenges page.