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Preparing for a pre-Master’s

With a Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Planning, and Environment, you can move directly to one of these Master’s: Spatial Planning (four specialisations), Human Geography (six specialisations), Environment and Society Studies (four specialisations), or the two-year Aardrijkskunde (geography education) Master’s.

Your prior education does not always provide automatic access to the Master's programme (such as a Bachelor’s from a different faculty, university, or HBO). In some cases, there is an option to join a Pre-Master's programme, often consisting of between 30-60 EC, to gain admission to one of the GPE Master’s (Human Geography, Spatial Planning, or Environment and Society Studies). However, in some cases it is already possible to take the Pre-Master's courses in the space for elective courses in your Bachelor’s programme as well. In that case, you take the same courses that are included in the Pre-Master’s programme.

More information about the Pre-Master's programme is available on the pages Pre-Master's in Spatial PlanningPre-Master’s in Human Geography, and Pre-Master’s in Environment and Society Studies. For more information, please contact the Pre-Master's student advisor Sam Frijnts on sam.frijnts@ru.nl.

Preparation for the Geography Education Master’s Programme

After completing a Master’s programme, it is also possible to move on to the one-year Education Master’s at the Radboud Teachers Academy. You can be directly admitted if you have completed a Master’s in conjunction with the Bachelor’s GPE with at least 18 EC related to physical geography. For more information about this, please contact Mirjam Schambach. Non-geographers who want to take part in the geography education Master’s often need to complete connecting courses; please contact the Radboud Teachers Academy about this.