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Research internship

The third year of the Bachelor's Programme Geography, Planning and Environment (GPE) contains a semester for electives, studying abroad or an internship. Instead of following regular courses as electives for points, it is possible to follow a research internship for 12 ECs. For questions on this topic, please contact Sam Frijnts (sam.frijnts@ru.nl). Please be on time with your questions. Contact Jackie at least 3 months before the start of the internship.

An internship is not compulsory for the Bachelor’s programme, but it is a good way of becoming familiar with the field of GPE. Accordingly, you can replace two electives (12 ECTS) with an internship,

For this you need prior permission from the GPE Examination Board. Furthermore, read the internship regulations for GPE with care; these can be found here. You can also do an internship without receiving credits. In this case, you do not need permission from the examination board and do not need to make an internship plan or report.