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Programme committee

Education Committee

Each degree programme has a programme committee (OLC - Opleidingscommissie). The programme committee monitors the quality of the degree programme. The most important tasks are the evaluation of education and providing a recommendation when the  are established each year. Furthermore, the programme committee is the place where students and lecturers can discuss all educational matters with each other. The committee may also provide an unsolicited recommendation to the dean and the programme director.


Teaching members

Dr Mark Wiering, chairman 
Dr Maria Kaufmann, secretary 
Prof. Erwin van der Krabben
Drs. Jackie van der Walle
Dr. Ary Samsura

Student members

Alexander van Kooten, voorzitter studentleden
Laurie Anedda, secretaris studentleden
Fleur Alofs
Michiel Wessels
Jochem Bodewes

Advising members

Dr Martin van der Velde, Bachelor's programme coordinator
Sam Frijnts BSc, study advisor Bachelor's programmes GPM
Mirjam Schambach MA, study advisor Masters GPM

To contact the student members, send an email to: olcgpm@student.ru.nl

External member

Dr Niels Terpstra


Education Committee GPE
Attn. Secretary's office GPE, Jol Beset
Room EOS N 02.211
Radboud University 
Nijmegen School of Management
PO Box 9108
6500 HK Nijmegen
Facebook page

Student members Education Committee:

The student members of the Education Committee have their own web page (in Dutch) on the site of the Mundus study association. There is also a Facebook page (in Dutch).